Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm listening

I had this guy squeeze me at a stop sign on a two lane side streets instead of waiting behind so I followed him home (hes 4 houses from me) and confronted him about it.

I said he didnt need tot squeeze me to the curb and he said "what?". I told him I am not yelling, just saying. Then he said something that blew my mind. he said "I'm listening." and I explained he could stop behind me, the next one at the stop sign to go, not squeezing me to the curb.

He looked like he was honestly thinking it over and I rode home. I was a bit pleasantly shocked at his attitude. Also that I think he'd never thought about it before. HOw many driver's we have "run-ins" with arent being vindictive, but justnotreally thinking about it at all.

It doesn't change anything I suppose, but at least you can talk to them which is nice.


Jim said...

The big problem, IMO, is that they AREN"T thinking. You found the one that would admit it.
Maybe they are just thinking about that next text they are going to send?
After all, no one on the road matters as much as they do!

Tom said...

I wonder if he even saw you. I think that's a big problem too. We register, but we aren't seen, if that makes sense.