Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday morning at Tour of the Valley

To the question "how are you feeling" Friday am came the answer tired. And worried, but I didnt say that. I didnt sleep the previous night and promised ot be at registration to help Sam. And my heart was acting odd. Ive been at racing (karts and bikes) long enough that stress isnt a big deal the night before. I think it was because of the mad rush to make fall quarter and find some grants and financial aid.

And on a side I had a dream I was moving into a dorm room last night...but at 43 years old and 6 room mates...weird.

I got to pre-ride the course and it had false flats and wind so it would be a tough 5.56 miles for sure. I had to start early so Brian could borrow my bike (his frame broke early in the week). I had some strong 30 and 60 second riders so that would help.

a short prologue is best described as being an all out effort that one hopes you dont blow up before 5.56 miles. The only pacing is to ride harder the whole way. So when I was released I sprinted all the way past 30mph, turned the first 90 degree and ramped it up to 39mph!! I cleared the first mile in 1:48 seconds then made another right and this is when it really started to hurt.

Pushing at this 5 minute point is such a mental screw job. Your thinking "its only 6 more minutes of effort, you can do it, keep pushing" while your thighs are locking up and that little voice is saying "your gonna blow, just conserve a bit, a tiny, tiny little bit, back off."

And as the road goes up you push even harder to try and keep the speed up. I thought about all of the guys I saw in the parking lot on TT bikes or road bikes with clip-ons and knew they were all going for it. And all of the guys on road bikes who are just monsters who I knew wanted a few points to start the stage race. None of them were going to back down so I kept pushing minute by minute.

Into the last mile I knew was mostly downhill and finished by giving it all that was left and cleared the last mile in 1:53 (again over a 30mph ave) for a time of 11:48. I got what I wanted, a point in the Prologue to take into the GC. No matter what happened the rest of the event I was classified. And who knows if that one point would be critical later.

The setting at Mastropietro's winery was awesome. And I hear he wants us back next year too!!

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