Tuesday, July 14, 2009

notes to finish it off

Heres some tidbits I hope to find interesting should I read them before next years race.

-I went into TOTV 5 lbs heavy and finished 5 lbs heavy vs June 30th (from my bros wedding). That and a steady diet of comfort food to help dull the pain from the racing each evening.
-A 5.56mile TT hurts a lot worse than a 25mi TT, but thank fully its over so quickly. Not that it feels like it at the time.
-I got so sick of eating Cliff bars, but chocolate GU's still taste yummy.
-I ran out of GU2O energy drink on Friday and drank mostly water with Endurolytes in it the rest of the weekend. I tried watered down Gatorade Sunday-when I could find time to take a drink.
-My training for the race was drinking and eating a lot then doing Westlake, some openers and a ride around the neighborhood Thursday. Not quite what I'd call optimal training.
-My last criterium in 1992 I think I dropped out of or got pulled. I made damn sure I didnt get dropped or pulled Friday night.
-The third leg of the Prologue sucks bigtime. And probably where I lost most of my time.
-I did not pre-ride the road course or even see it before our first race lap. I would have been too scared to race it if I had or had nightmares for weeks.
-I used my best wheels for each event and therefore never had power data. I do wish I had that data now.
-I made some changes to the TT bike as an experiment and I think were onto something. Many more changes to come. Basically tossing out all my modified front end bits..oh well.
-My thighs were getting hosed in the road race so I had to scoot back on my saddle to engage different muscles the whole time. It helped a lot. I am going back to my old Toupe which fits different than my new Toupe. My new one pushes me forward on the seat then it becomes uncomfy when it doesnt.
-I forgot how much I love criterium racing. All I remembered from the old days was how much I hated them. So I guess you could say I HAD a Love - Hate relationship with them and I still do.
-I found a killer, fast line in Friday nights Canfield crit. in the dbl. right handers. But I think next year were going the other way as it was planned to be.
-But it took me the whole race to get up to speed in the slightly downhill right hander in the back.
-The older model Zipp 303's tubies I got from my buddy Rachfal are amazing. The best wheels I have ever ridden. Period. They spin up fast and carry speed and are totally manageable on bumpy roads, side winds, etc. and seem to just float up climbs. Really.
-I borrowed a Zipp808 front from Batke Friday morning. Its fast and its so stable too. More stable than a 404 in cross winds. Sorry for the Zipp promo-I swear I am not sponsored.
-The SPF of my skin cells has got to be at least 50 by now.
-I talked to so many nice fans, racers and volunteers all weekend long.
-I rode into work today at a snails pace, but feel like doing sprints on my commute home today for some reason. Like a lot of sprints. Okay maybe 4.

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