Thursday, July 16, 2009

JCB BIathlon and ride and might as well walk too

The JCB Biathlon I won last summer was a hoot. I ran my butt off for 3 miles with all my buddies around then raced my TT bike up and down rolling Gates Mills, Shaker Blvd, etc. and raced over the line on Belvoir at over 30mph.

Reading the 07/16/09 Clevelend Sun Press this morning I heard I was some sort of trouble maker trying to go so fast and running stop signs and lights (with police blocking cross traffic). Turns out the 12.5mile bike portion is NOT a race and fair citizens shouldnt feel scared tot back out of their driveways or have cyclists riding (OH my goodness) at 30mph or MORE on city streets!! Whoa!! Ummm..Isnt the speedlimit 35 on most of those streets?

Are people really this stupid? I didnt realize I was competing in a ride, not a race. Theres gonna be a lot of "racers" not racing JCB this year and JCB might not eb too happy about the loss of income. To be honest with you, I am not planning on running much this winter so I was going to skip it as much as I'd love to support the race.

But what do I know, I'm just a reckless cyclists who rides over 30mph sometimes.


sully said...

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ueberdiebruecke said...

What do you expect when they call it a "Biathlon"? I mean, where are the skis and rifles?

Maybe the good citizens of Beachwood would be OK with that.

irunmarathon said...

Yeah this one is too bad man. Robert and I were going to to the relay again. No three-peat for me I guess.