Friday, July 31, 2009

The new busier me

Well I am signed up for college once again. Its only been what, 19 years since I was a college student? Textbooks are on the way and I already received my first tuition bill and boy oh boy was that a shock!!

I started a new job that was offered to me on a bike ride no less. Its hard, dirty work and a far cry from my last two "desk jobs" in sales, but I am darn glad to have it.

But with this new busier life and seriousely contemplating working weekends (life and bills may demand it) I think my racing days may very well be on their way out temporarily.

I hope I am just being me and jumping too far ahead of myself. But between entry fees, gas, bike upkeep (tires,, tubes, etc.) and now potential lost work time I dont see racing as being possible fulltime. Not even dare I say it cyclocross. But that IS jumping too far forward.

I have all the equipment for cross and tires dont really wear out and tubes can be repaired!!

But what I DO KNOW for a fact is I think I have time to coach two athletes one on one. And maybe a few that just need a training plan once in awhile. I could coach athletes from out of town, but i believe my strength as a coach is being proactive and working face to face with my athlete. Observing and tweaking the training, fit and efficiency of my athlete as they ride.

I mean I am gonna be busy as heck now, but I sure as heck have no intention of getting fat!!

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