Monday, April 27, 2009

Presque Isle Spring 09

Once burned twice burned is my motto and nowhere did I need to get burned twice by my own mistake than at a time trial. But I didnt have speed on the computer again which sort of matters and sort of doesnt as I will try and explain.

Everything actually clicked Sunday. From the winter of changing position to the week leading up, the morning and warm-up. I started off and ramped it right up past 31mph and felt fine so I kept it there for miles. Eventually I lost some cadence , but could hold it about 5 rpm less than when I was at 30mph and I look down and my speed was no longer reading.

So to the standard back-up plan of just trying to go as hard as possible to die at mile 12.49 of 12.5 miles.

Eventually I got to the 6 mile marker and was still hauling and was confident I was on a personal best run. I was so comfortable in the new position and I felt slippery in the air and fast too.

I finally started to struggle badly at mile 9-11 , but managed to hold 88 cadence
in the 53x13 pretty much like clockwork. If I pushed as hard as I could on the pedals I went 88 cad and if I kept it at leg searing I got 88. But every so often I'd see if I could get 90 to 95. So thats why data can be useless in retrospect. Especially with as much Perceived Exertion I have to fall back on. Basically you go as hard as you can that you feel you can sustain and when you push harder there is nothing more there. So in effect data becomes useless. But I would still argue data is a motivator or a carrot to chase.

The worst part was the last 2.5 miles and not because its the end, but because a strong headwind confronted us at that point. I dropped some speed so I finally upshifted to the 14 to get my cadence up then shifted back to the 13 and tried to hold the higher cadence. It actually worked and as I rolled past the 11 mile marker I started to think in terms of one single revolution at a time as hard as I could.

I had a pleasant surprise at the end when I looked down and I was again back at 88 to 90 right? And I think-crap-Ive been at this cadnce for a long time I bet I left it in the 14 so I break form and look at the cassette and it is in the 13. Yes!!

I had held perfect LT HR all race long and it was starting to go up at the end by quite a bit. Great legs all race long, but NOTHING to do a fast finish. Across the line and I felt like I really laid down a run.

Officially I ended up with 1st in the 40-44 AG and 5th overall! But my speed and time werent that good compared to last year. I went 26:59 at 27.8mph. Last spring and fall I was faster by about 4 t 6 seconds.

Maybe the headwind in the end and some sections really took their toll more on my speed than I thought. But on the good side I did feel awesome in my new position though I dont have the data or time/speed to back up my feelings and trust me that's VERY annoying for me and my personality type. And thats because the data says I didnt improve from last year (in terms of fitness or aerodynamics), but my seat of the pants says I did. So which to believe? Still a 26 minute spring time isnt bad.

And to add to the situation in turning my computer back to reading Power I accidentally cleared the entire race data!! Although speed and distance were now useless, I could extrapolate from the cadence and time everything I needed. Bummer.

And right after the race I went right back out and did race pace intervals with the tailwind and into it and found out some cool stuff for later. I "probably" set a PB 20 minute power and "probably" was holding some good power the last few miles even though I was struggling mightily. I determined this by what wattage it took to maintain cadence steady into the headwind for 3 miles and it was above my LT by 10% or more. I rode for 2 minute intervals so feel confident the data is reliable.

So I take away a lot of positives, except the one goal I had which was a solid 28mph run for 20k. OH well, maybe in the fall!! Afterwards Matt Weeks and I found some gorgeous and rolling hills out in the countryside of Erie. We finished the ride by heading up false flats into a whicked cross wind at 28 to 30+Mph tossing out long hard pulls. It was another sign that my fitness is coming along.

But thanks to my coach Sean for all the help and training getting me ready for PI. Too bad I didnt come up with the goods, but that's not anyone's fault. Except I guess mine. But the TT bike and i are dialed in, I swear it!! and husting it along at close to 30mph for 6 miles was freaking amazing!! Truly a sweet experience. Congrats to Matt, Brian, Julie and Robert for all throwing in spectacular runs. Heck Drew and the Madis kids too. 9 year old Ryan Madis took 7 minutes off his time from last fall for a 39:xx run at 19mph!! You go young guns!!

Till the next cannot possibly come soon enough. I want some revenge, if i can get my head out of my ass that is. Details!!


JimmyNick said...

Congrats, Ray! You did well.

- JN

Ray Huang said...

Thanks JN!! IT was an amazing day for a TT. Humidity was high, but it was sunny and cool, but not cold.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

I checked the night before and at 8am - 9am the humidity in ERIE was 20% less than at my house (at the same time). So, that actually worked out good for us. But nothing like the 5% humidity we had in New Mexico.

Congrats again. Robert.