Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More TT Tweaking

Flat back (pretty much), arms 90 degrees, weight comfortably supported on arm rests, good hip angle and knee angle. All check. POwer?? Still nowhere near where it needs to be, but its getting there!!

Spring 2009 Set-up

The dream as I have stated before is that all this work has reduced my Cda such that I am faster than last year without putting out anymore power.

Fighting some bug, but rode super easy to get a good sweat going (easy when your not feeling well) today and yesterday. No fan helps too. And for me that does feel better than doing nothing except being miserable.

I think I am getting better. I was going to race Deer Creek Saturday (70 miles), but might not. Its a long way to go on no training. Lots of gas, whole day traveling to do what might amount to a training ride.

We shall see!!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

everyone would have laughed if you put your helmet on like in your next photo. i just finished up my postition today at ba.

Mike N. said...

Is that an Ohio champion jersey you're wearing? I didn't know Ohio did those...

Ray Huang said...

MIkeN-Thats my old Ohio State University Club Racing Jersey. Sponsored by Strader's Schwinn. Circa 1988. I still wear the skinsuit to TT in. Its a bit tight

Mike N. said...

Way to rock the vintage gear! I asked about the state champ gear because California does have a state champ kit. I'm acutely aware of this because I've started every TT this season right behind the reigning California Cat 4 TT champ. I'm on track to beat him by the end of the season, though. Because I'm still an Ohio resident I'm planning on heading back for the Ohio Road and TT races in June. Hope to see you at one of them!