Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 gears means speed!!

Today I bought Audrey a Trek 6 speed 20" wheel girl's bike from Bike Authority. I was going to get her one at some point anyways, but we made a deal if she stopped chewing on her fingertips I'd get her a new bike with GEARS!! She was so excited she stopped chewing immediately. Though she says she still does sometimes. But we know she has cut back a lot. Youd think she had BBQ sauce all over her fingers before.

So after I took it for a test drive to see if I could use it at Presque Isle this weekend I brought it home all shined up and ready with her bell and seat positioned where it should be (yeah-me the bike fitter) and moved the brake levers really close (See she has chewed her fingers down so short) and readjusted the cables.

We took it out for a spin tonight (after she rode with the neighbors kids in the afternoon). We went down a hill and she has a good feel for the brakes (she had coaster brakes before). Then when we hit the very steep hill from Meadowbrook up Eaton I told her shift to the easier gears (Lower numbers). By the time she got to the top she went 4, 3, 2,1 and said "ahhhh... this is SOOO much easier". Then once over the top she started shifting to faster gears (higher number) and she was flying, coat flapping back behind her!!

Yeah-that is mission accomplished!! Now she can climb the steep rollers in the neighborhood or bike paths without walking and can go faster to keep up with me so I dont have to ride on the brakes not pedaling all of the time.

But the best part was her yells of pure joy and exhilaration as she said "I got it in 5" and pedaled away from me, flying.

I dont know about you, but she looks happy to me!!

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JimmyNick said...

Oh, great: One MORE person to drop me.
Congratulations, Audrey!

- JN