Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fear of water?

On the trainer today. I WAS going to bring my bike to work to do a ride whenever a window opened up. But a busy morning and I didnt have patience or time to pack. The result? On the trainer at 4pm.

Two weeks to Presque Isle means this is the week to get in any training that should benefit me in two weeks. I am not "cramming", just want to do what I can. Being on the trainer after so much time outdoors is NOT my idea of fun. Even though I know its focused training and I was up for it-I couldnt motivate myself enough once I started.

Tomorrow its more of the same. Rain and 40's means indoors again. So I called my coach Sean Gilbert and asked him for another hard workout, but a workout on the trainer that is more engaging so its easier to stay focused. Shorter efforts in repeats and variety. But still hitting all of the zones. Should keep me focused this time.

Once your out of the basement "this will make me stronger" mentality what makes long hard TT efforts manageable is the speed mainly. Things rushing by fast, sounds of air and tires on the road. That drives you to push harder. Funny, but once youve done some races outside staring at the TV and blasting your mp3 player and not going anywhere just doesnt do it anymore. Weird huh?

Also this weekend is the first RATL, Covered Bridge double. Carbon Racing with help of some very generous volunteers will run the Covered Bridge race on the 19th. I want to thank everyone who has offered to marshal corners and help us out so we can race. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

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