Thursday, April 9, 2009

National Dreams....WTF?

The 2009 Masters National Championships schedule has been released. I try to have the attitude "same for everyone", but there are some crazy things going on. The first of which the Road Race is less than 24 hours before the TT. Any serious TTer is going to have to think seriousely about doing the Road Race now. Sure its "only" 50 miles, but damn, Logan County was only 50 miles and it was a hard, hard race!!

Next the TT is a mere 16 miles long.

$60 entry, a years worth of training, hotel room, travel expenses and mega bucks (for a lot of people, not so much me) on trick equipment designed to save time over 40km. And the Time Trial is 24km.

That and I wanted a second shot on the same course. But thats covered under the "same for everyone" clause. so I can live with that. Man, I am pissed. And I am not the only one I guarntee you that. What is USA Cycling and the organizers thinking?

Add on top of that I have to do the TT and immediately get in my minivan, drive home to Cleveland, pick up my bro and drive straight on to Boston for his rehearsal dinner on the 2nd. Yup, Kentucky to Cleveland to Boston in 24 car. My wife and daughter will be there in advance. Two days later I drive home with my bro and great new sister in law's gifts and my wife and daughter.

Whew-the end of June is looking like a big huge ball of stress. I will put to test my ability to think positively and t put aside what I cannot change!!


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Bryan said...

Thanks for the info. This sucks as the national TT was GOING to be my goal race for the year. Now I don't think I'll bother with a 3 hour drive and $60 for 16 miles (not eligible for the road race or crit).