Monday, April 20, 2009

Covered Bridge 2009-Thats More Like It.

Did you ever hear that story about the scorpion and the turtle? Not to tell the whole story, but what ends up happening and the moral of the story is the scorpion stings the turtle causing them to both die. The turtle inquires as it succumbs to the venom why he did that when it would surely kill him too. The scorpion answered because its in my nature.

OK, so now how in the heck do I tie that into my race report for the Covered Bridge Race? Well its in the former Torelli racing team members as well as Dan Quinlan's nature to attack, counter and try and break up races. Its a symbiotic thing between us. I think we raced the first few races just going with everyone elses attacks and trying to cover counters. That's not in our nature and we didnt race very well as a team. We missed assignments and didnt feel effective overall. We were not being true to our nature.

Understand this is just my opinion. I am not trying to speak for the other members on our team.

Also before delving into the race report (which I will try to keep short and sweet) I want to to thank all of our Carbon Racing volunteers who came out to make sure that Brad Hansen's race was run as safely and smoothly as it has for years underhis direction. So thank you to Jim, Kevin, Vicky, Megan, Jeremiah, Laura, Sharon and Carolyn for coming out to help. Also a big thank you to Paul Martin and his family for arranging all of the details. And last but not least our motorcycle lead vehicles and Linda Miranda for the officiating. I am so sorry if I left anyone out!!

So after staying close to help Paul get all of the corner marshals to their corners and in their cars to lead the B race I hopped on my bike and started the race with no warm-up. It was fun to see the ladies (Evelyn, Sam, Erin and Leah) all line up for the A race. It was a ballistic start so I give them props for hanging tough.

We had more than 40 riders again and as I was tail gunning for a warm-up I saw way, way, way ahead the first move get away. I could make out the white of RGF and the Torelli colors on top and the green and purple on the shorts of Dan Quinlan so I knew we were good. I guarantee you we have matching shorts and tops on order!! But expect our rag tag looking bunch a bit longer.

Sunday we raced like the Torelli of old and launched our own attacks and launched our own counters and basically raced our bikes. That term gets used a lot, but its true. We didnt control the race, not at all. But it was a subtle shift. We didnt just go with moves, we initiated them and that felt normal.

The race was a welders paradise too. Nothing was staying away. Sometimes you would have this gap with what looked like a good spread of teams, but within seconds of looking back at a small gap you would look again and see a long line almost as far back as you could see right on your butt. This happened over and over. YOu could not possibly count all of the attacks in this race.

On the last lap Paul started attacking himself which of course were always immediately reacted to. This worked out well for me because regardless if I had just been in a move or fresh I could catch any number of wheels. Finally on Riverside were all throwing down one last time (including myself). I mean every team and almost every rider seemed to be tossing out one last try or two or three.

Again Paul flew by on the right and I caught the tail end of it. Were getting to the end of Riverside with a small group and some separation from the field (finally and perfect timing too)and low and behold whats to our right? A train. And we stop!

But Rudy who had a mechanical and had to drop from the breakaway was in the 2nd group on the road said an unidentified rider put in a big pull and pulled us back in the last little bit so we were a big lined out group again before the turn onto Ira. But I still had good position for the finish.

We stopped for only about 30 seconds, but when we got rolling Brian's chain drops, I wait for him and that causes a few seconds delay then I take off and I am trying to get someones attention. Are we racing? Is it neutral? Whats going on? By the time I realize were gonna do a 1 mile sprint to the line I am near the very back and just about giving up on the whole deal. I'm pissed at myself for not being at the front where I belonged from coming around the corner in the top 10. But John Lowry who had also been throwing down all race long with his team mates took me 80% to the front on the left. I hesitated for a few seconds which I now regret then I launched hard for the line.

When I got up to Josh and what looked like the ones seriously going for it I sat down to grind it out from 100m on, but Tris behind me encouraged me to keep going. I stood up again I and gutted it to the line passing another rider or two and being passed by Shawn right before the line. Although I dont consider myself a sprinter I do love the mania of it all and especially the last few miles of surfing wheels and fighting for that top 5 position. Its kind of addicting.

I didnt know I could stand and sprint for that long, but I do now. I came in about 10th or so I think. I am very pleased with that. And the best news of the day Dan Quinlan was outnumbered in the break two to one, but had the legs in the sprint and won the race!! Great job Dan and Carbon Racing!

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