Saturday, November 22, 2008

Worth the Wait

My little Audrey waited years to grow tall enough to climb the rock wall at Legacy Village's Dicks Sporting Goods. An ominously tall wall that goes from the floor of the first floor to the ceiling of the building.

Last week she got measured and lo and behold she was finally above the line. We paid our $2 and up she went on the easiest section (#4,far right)) with plenty of hand holds and a pretty flat wall. She makes it to the top with some help with the rope, but more or less was on her own. This pic is not Legacy Village's rock wall, but its close enough.

We went back today to return some socks and of course we knew shed want to do it again. Whats cool for me to see is how she knows her limits while still being brave and tenacious. When she gets tired she lets go and hangs, dries her hands on her pants and then starts climbing again. She was smooth and really used her legs to keep moving up the wall. Spring with the upper leg and grab the next hold. Shes always trying to style it!!

Winded and tired after doing the #4 wall she decided she wanted to do it again. So we paid our $2 and she lined up again. 30 minutes or so later she's strapped in and decides on #3 (2nd from right). A lot fewer things to hold, a bumpier surface and some pretty big gaps. She is tired now, but still tenacious. I dont think she'll make it and I told her she didn't have to make it at all. We'd come back again. She rests, she goes like heck then rests. She listens to Chris the instructor, waves at us on occasion, makes funny "uggs" when it gets really tough and fakes the rubber legs to get a laugh and hits the red button at the top!! Just awesome to see her fight through the burn and I did not push her-not one word.
Way to go Audrey!! Cleveland Rock Gym next!! Wanna go?

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