Sunday, November 9, 2008

She rocks!!

Audrey had her 2nd Dry Land Camp with her Cross Country ski racing team the Hilltoppers today. Shes a 2nd year, but still beginner skier and 6 years old.

They did a relay running race from Stanford House/hostel into the trails and back. Uphill 1/8 mile to a cone half way up a hill and back. They did a warm-up lap then she did two full laps by herself as part of a relay team!! The coaches said she could run halfway to the bridge and she said "I am going all the way to the cone".

I wasnt there for that, but as I stood at the halfway point cheering the kids on I got to see her running all out for the cone and then walk a bit then sprint back out of sight. Then later I saw her coming for a 2nd lap. What a trooper.

This filled me with a feeling of joy and amazement at what a little athlete she is, but also a bit of anger or something.

Not anger, but that, "hey, she never wants to run with me" sort of jealousy. But that's the way with kids or at least my kid. She listens to a complete stranger like a coach or instructor and picks up things quickly, but if I try and teach her (with patience, etc.) or am too close when shes learning, oh boy!!

So I decided this year to help the coach who is helping the youngest skiers as Audrey has moved up one level. Its gonna be tough to miss her doing her thing, but I know she'll do things better without me there. That is not easy to take or deal with, but I guess I'll just have to spy on her!! You parents know what I am talking about.

She also inline skated for the first time today. She picked it up well for never having tried it before but at first wanted to stay on my and mom's arm. But as soon as the instructor got down to business she paid attention and picked it right up. You could see the change in her as she went form Mommy and Daddy dont let go to, ok, how do I do this? Of course when she got tired she spent a lot of time on her butt.

Well I better stop glowing about my daughter as no one likes people who brag so I'll sign off now. But I got to say, that little munchkin may be a short little thing, but shes big and tall on gusto.

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Bill said...


It's always nice to hear about our kids and how they are doing in their activities. Everyone always hears about our stuff, it's nice to hear about the kids stuff too.
Congratulations to your daughter, that's awesome.

Maybe you could try to help or coach her in a more subtle way, in a way that you could still be a factor in her activity's but not like your really coaching, you know what I mean?? There's a fine line there, I do know that! Remember,parent's don't know anything, especially you Dad.......

Don't give up and give advise when you see that she needs it. She will always do better with you there and she will always remember you being there for her.