Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a snob!!

Forget it!! I'll never be able to build the "perfect" commuter bike. I think I am just too much of a snooty booty to ride anything less than a racing bike.

I keep having that vision of a slightly rusted old Rockhopper or old touring bike, big fat cushy tires with 6 layers of aramid fibers for the ultimate in flat protection. The bike that is left outside at night or locked to the fence outside of the Lizard at night in the rain or at Whole Foods for a quick shopping trip. Faded thread bare panniers with reflective piping, rack and dare I say it a big fat saddle bag under the seat and a chain guard. A bike with that weathered patina, like an old 35mm camera with the black rubbed off the corners and the brass or aluminum showing through.

I think the problem is a lot deeper than I am willing to admit. This whole "buy a cheap bike, put permanent fenders and lights on it and ride it every day to work" is one big fat cop-out for the real reason I dont commute.

Wanna know what it really is?? Its really amazingly simple. I own a perfectly good car (ok, 5000lb gas guzzling, 260hp V6 minivan). There I said it. But boy oh boy does it make a great rig to go to races in!!

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