Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Go for the burn girls!!! So check out this wicked one hour workout I did the other day. I estimated I did 64 all out sprints, 24 over-gears (out of saddle big gear stomps), 8 all out uphill running sprints of about 8 to 10 seconds and practiced my dismount and remount 16 times. Again all in one hour. I am thinking about a workout video. Hot pink spandex and crop Tri top with matching pink terry sweat bands on my wrists and a cheesy porno soundtrack. Would you buy it?

Oh but wait, this wasnt a workout, this was just Sunday's cross race!!


Cycling Phun said...

Count me in for a copy... You just can't have enough blackmail material!

Bill said...

Yea I would, but you would have to get Richard Simmons to participate too.

Jim said...

With you as the "subject"? Uh, no thanx!
PS How would you know a porno sound track sounds like?