Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was rockin the single track today. Hopping logs uphill with ease, more momentum everywhere and clearing more of the short steep climbs and hitting all the descents with confidence. Had two little falls when my rear slid out on hidden rocks and roots. Hidden under a massive amount of leaves.

I think the leaves covering up the trails has made me faster. I dont see as much stuff that would normally make me tentative and slow down. The bikes made to clear most of the stuff I worry about, DUH, full suspension!! But when it covers a root or a flat slippery rock I guess thats bad.

One fall was at about 1mph and what is under my left arm as I teeter over? a big flat rock. Ouch-right on the elbow and the other fall dinged my fingers as I almost hit a tree. I put my arm out to deflect myself and jammed my finger. A root was to blame this time as I went around a sharp curve. So two ouches. Whats new?

Then as I was almost finished with the singletrack and about to call it a day and ride home I catch another twig and pop-off comes my rear derailleur....again!! Is this why people ride single speeds?

And for some reason the bike was shifting terrible before that (after shifting so well the past few rides) so this is a good excuse to maybe replace that rear derailleur cable.

Legs felt good too though I really tried ot take it easy. Ran 5 miles Monday, 6.2 miles Wednesday morning (at 6am) and two TT bike workouts. I started a new exercise routine that also has made some muscles I didnt know I had hurt!! But its a fun routine and I can see how it will help me in daily life (strength) and cycling. Tomorrow I have to decide if I want to do another 6mile run at 5:20am!! Yes-you read that right, 5:20!!

So two hangers in a handful of rides!! Annoying.

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