Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tid bits

So July 18th has come and gone. Whats so special about July 18th you say?? Why it was my 15th wedding anniversary!! Is it a coincidence that I quite racing 15 years ago....hahaha!! I wont even go there.

Today is yet another race I ve never been to, but it has a fast descent and a Euro style switchback climb. Man, if you ride bikes thats got to sound good and it sure does to me. But alas it wont stop raining and the threat for continued rain is strong. I for one have no problem racing in the rain (karts or bicycles), but the bike clean-up that night or next day always sucks. This being an evening race means the bike will more than likely sit overnight. Poor, poor old drivetrain.

The chains got close to 4000 miles on it so maybe its time to think about a replacement. I must say Ive never taken such good care of a chain before. I'll try a SRAM chain next and see if it shifts better than an ultegra one. Watching how quickly John was able to fix Bretts broken chain Sunday with a SRAM link was nice too.

But rain is not a bad thing. My wife has grown a green thumb these last few years (whew-she finally has a hobby of her own) and she tells me that rain si good and more the better. Maybe I can teach her to clean a chain??

I recommend if your on your winter or spring chain to get it checked for stretching and bad links. Seems guys are snapping them left and right here and if it snaps at the wrong time, well-it hurts!

What about you-whats your take on rain riding? This is it for me. I'll start a ride knowing it will rain and I'll keep plodding away when it starts, but I just cannot get myself to ride down my driveway in the rain. I never have been able to. Weird thing.

Rain, rain go away, come back another non-race day...

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