Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bad Night at Euro Hill Circuit Race

There was a bad crash at Euro hill on the neutral rollout tonight. A bad shimmy took a guy down on the descent and he took down a bunch of guys behind. Some sliding into a concrete culvert and one guy who went over the bars and clocked his head hard went in an ambulance. Suffice it say it was race over. Lots of bent wheels, broken forks, dented frames and road rash!! I was going 42mph down the hill so it was a hard crash for them. It all happened behind me and I didnt even hear it, but Tom did and said it sounded bad.

After a long delay by the side of the crash Tom and I decided to ride till we got tired and to ride the hill a few times for future races, but on the first lap it started to sprinkle, then rain then a deluge of rain, hard cold wind hit and we were soaked. We were determined to continue, but when we got to the turn there was fast moving traffic and horrible visbility-We would have been crushed by a big truck so we turned around and gave up. I logged 17 miles mostly on warm-up.

It would have been a great race with Delgros, Sroka, Shawn Adams, Moskal, Tris, Tom and I. Some more fast guys , but I dont know there names. But, I dont want to sound indifferent because theres some banged up riders and thats too bad. I do hope they feel alright tomorrow and the guy who went to the hospital recovers without anything major broken.

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