Wednesday, July 4, 2007

ice cream

I was riding with John Reade last night and we confessed our mutual love for ice cream. Its funny how with my ride schedule of only 9 to 11 hours a week I dont feel like I have the caloric burn to afford to cheat much. Add to that I now prefer a cone over a bowl, ohhh yummy. Anyways, with the State Road race this weekend and an ice cream filled July 4th I still was able to hit my lowest weight of 142.5 lbs this morning (umm...that was pre-ice cream). I did ride to fireweorks tonight, not that I think I burned off the two ice cream sandwiches, Dortmuner Gold, two hamburgers, beans and weenies, potatoe salad, Ben and Jerry's, etc. I consumed today. Considering JUly 28th, 2006 I weighed 175 lbs and how few LSD miles I put in I am amazed at the weight loss. BUT, I'll take it!!


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