Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fun Facts from the State Road Race

90 degree temperatures
Time in Z3 31 minutes
Z4 58 minutes
Z5 35 minutes
Miles 74.8
Time 3:42
Climbing 5520'
Max speed 53.3 mph
Lowest speed 4.5mph (BONK)
Ave speed 20.0
Fastest lap 21.6mph (52:59min)lap 3
Slowest lap 17.7mph (1:01:58) lap 4
Bottles used: 1 on warm-up, two tall and one short in race.
Gells eaten: 3
Cliff bars eaten: 1/4
Most interesting sight-smoke coming off of carbon rims on the first descent. "Pee-yuwee" the smell.
Best part of race-bombing the s-turn laps 2-4 just because they were awesome banked corners.
Worst part of race-bonking

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