Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Biathlon?

I have this problem with running, besides that its just torture on the mind. I get the worst shin splints after just one run. Makes me wonder how I can train for a biathlon and why in the heck do I want to do one anyways? I almost have myself convinced its like cross training for, well Cross (cyclocross). The event I am thinking about is the JCB Biathlon on August 26th http://www.bellefairejcb.org/announcements/events/12th-annual-biathalon-%26-walk/

Its a 3 mile run, which I think I could train for in a month and of course the Time trial portion at 12.5 miles is right up my alley. Of course Ive never tried to ride after running, much less at TT pace!! And, not to make excuses i have two more important bicycle races to shoot for so in actuality I only have a couple weeks to train the run.

I give myself a 3/10 chance in doing this and thats being optimistic for sure. But its always fun to think of new challenges. I am also looking at the Relay (Team) event so I can concentrate on just the bike!! I certainley know the roads and my TT bike is getting dusty!


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