Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yesterday, July 28th was the one year anniversary of me gettin off the couch and back on my bike. My oh my what a year its been. Endless hours over the winter in my basement on my trainer and finally too late rediscovering cross country skiiing (just in time for Chapin Forest to thaw). The anticipation of my first race at Mid-Ohio in April.

Also, joining Snake Bite Racing team and our team dominating a couple events at RATL with team tactics and strong riding. Then barely 8 weeks after starting racing I upgraded from Cat.4 to 3 and in one of my fist Cat3 races I missed the break, but my group lapped the field in a crit at Mill Creek.

After the spring races my coach and I started to concentrate on the State Time Trial and Road race. Both were the ultimate challenges as the State TT was on an ever rolling course on a wet morning. IT was hard to find a rythm, but I went faster than I expected. The State road race was a 73 miler on a 90+ degree humid day on open roads and 5500' of climbing (some think it was even more than that). I dehydrated and then bonked on the last lap after making the winning break of 4 guys, but managed a 5th. Next year I wiill bring a suport person for bottles like when my brother did it for me at the 114 mile State Road race so many years ago.

Now as the anniversary has come and I feel my form is at the best its ever been I am looking forward to some hilly road races and a winter of Cyclocross (I have never done it before) and some more cross country skiing.

I cannot wait for this building year to become the base and build from it for 2008. I hope to be lighter, stronger and even faster.

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