Thursday, October 15, 2009

Training and not training

Last Sunday I got a free pass to ride so I got dressed fast and took off on my trusty road racing bike. First time on it since Tamarack. And boy did it boogie, woogie down the road. I had my power meter and just kept on the gas pedal for an hour and twenty minutes. Then I did some 30 sec intervals and one sprint with nice recovery between.

This by itself is not that big of a deal, but I am continually amazed at how well some parts of overall performance stay with you if you can at least race cross 3 or 4x a month and maybe one hard ride a week. It goes against what many think should be a goal of the end of road season which is to just take it easy, ride for fun and enjoy. It was darn good ave power for an 1 hour ride for as little training as I have done.

But when  training is very hit or miss I react by going into an emergency modee. Meaning that when I can ride I try and ride pretty hard. And thats because my next ride might be 3,4 or 5 days away. This may work for me because my work is so physical. Some days are literally like a weight workout for 7 to 8 hours. Not aerobic or structured. Just heave, lift, pull, drag and carry heavy stuff up steps, into the box truck or throwing things into a dumpster.Then because of not having time for a ride when I get home I'll do weights and core for 20 or 30 minutes.

Why this works is because I am not in a state where riding hard is traumatic on my muscles because of work. And it just feels so good to get the HR up and go anaerobic, (huff, huff, huff, huff, sweat, burning in the muscles). In my mind  I feel like I am putting in efforts like what I will be in the race. Even though its hard to go that hard in training!!

And its hard to go that hard in training for long periods when your tired and not in that "trainer" mode day in and day out. So I make my intervals short with more repeats. Whatever it takes!!  

This winter will be a bi of an experiment too. LIke in 2007 I'll be on the trainer a lot I hope. I'll be doing weights all winter and the occasional run to "bang the bones" as I like to put it. Cross country skiing will be fun, but unlike last year I wont be looking for opportunities to ski. I'll be on the TT bike on the trainer or outside riding.

Ive got lots of stuff saved on the dvr for training rides and a DVD coming from to try. Maybe I ought to have more than one TV show I like (Fringe) so more media for the trainer? BAH, Ive got the Computrainer too. Lots to keep me going this winter and of course the motivation to come out strong for Presque Isle and the Spring races with my team mates on Carbon Racing.

My point being that if you dont think you have time to train, but like to stay fit, then train even harder, but shorter. Dont forgo a warmup and be sensible, but dont make the excuse that your out of shape so only ride slow and easy when you can to not be sore. And switch it up with even shorter core workouts. I love those too.

Oh and an update on my poor CX bike? well I put it in the bike stand on Sunday. And...that's it.

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