Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Only on Sunday

I got my Dieringer Single Speed built back up last night. I had to ride it right away so I put on some lights and wore my hiking headlamp just under the rim of the helmet. Hit a big enough bump and I bet there would be a comedic moment. But it worked for the installation run.

The very first thing I noticed was how ridiculously big the 42x17 gear feels. Same feeling as 2008 when I raced it in the entire Lake Effect series. I am riding down paved and flat Fairmont and cant seem to get up to a comfortable cadence. By the time I do I am starting to sweat and my legs are burning.

Also for me a good warm-up for a race is cadence oriented to some degree. I like to spin till the legs are warm, do some efforts then spin till the start. So I cannot even warm-up on the SS. Unless I want to ride around at 40 to 60 cadence. So last year my CSK geared bike got relegated to warm-up and commuting.

I bring this up because I was hoping to do some CX practice tomorrow evening at Brett Davis' parent's house where the Halloween races are being held again. I might bring my mountain bike and the SS so I can get some comfy laps in  and then ride the cross bike for maybe one or two race laps. Why not be like most who have SS bikes and just ride it?

My thinking is that I am only willing to ride it full wood on Sunday because with that gear the bike is fast as heck, but it also takes some serious motivation to ride. Why? Because it hurts like a mother to pedal that's why. Its like Cross on PCP. Your  balls to the walls until your lungs, back, legs or a combo of the three gives out. 

I know what your thinking. Why not put a 19 on it and quit whining!!  Well, I have thought about that many times, but what if what makes the bike fast IS the 17 tooth cog? On a side note I have been racing my geared bike on a Dura ace 12-27 cassette because its light and i dont need a 27 on a road bike. So its light and unused.  But I cant tell you all the times I have been in the 27 this season when last year I made do in the same kinds of situations in a 17!! Wanna guess if I was faster in the 27 or the 17? hmmm....makes me think...could it be the gear? Maybe, but only on Sunday (ok Saturday sometimes too).

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Investment Biker said...

Ray, I have an 18 you can borrow.