Sunday, October 11, 2009

A little bad luck

Just moments after stopping to clear off a walking bridge full of branches I rode over a little branch that was full of leaves. My rear locks up so I look down to see if the leaves got up in the brakes and see my derailleur on top of my cassette still attached to the bike. Not good.

The damage is a bent hanger and a bent cage on the derailleur. Wouldnt be a problem except I have to find the hanger. I hope Seigler Imports has them in stock as I bought it from them in 2007.

In the meantime I hope i can get the compound bends out of the hanger and cages in time for Cross My Heart. If not I'll get the SS ready to race as well.

What a bummer to have this happen when Ive got so little time to work on bikes and no budget to fix anything. Ooops, I am whining again.

See ya at Spin!! I just hope they dont have the uphill off-camber 180 again cause that was a bitch on the SS last year.

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