Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Photo credits, blogs and a little story

New header photo is from my friend Kelly Mikolajczyk also know by justkelleh on her blog. I do so love photography and great pictures.

But I think most photogs (artists?) will admit a great picture is just there. Its up to you to snap the shutter and not screw it up. Its the not screwing it up part thats hard. I had a day at the Cleveland Zoo this summer that was like that. Every picture looked great and I captured animals in cages that could almost have passed for in the wild. I'd love to take credit, but it was just one of those days.

Not that I am taking anything away from all of the great people who capture cyclocross this and every other season. But youve got to admit that cross is by far the best form of cycling to capture on film. Great pics are everywhere. Fomr the suffering on our faces to the textures in the grass and mud and the emotions wore on the arm warmers of every competitor that's giving 110%.

I have also been trying to add local bloggers to my sidebar so please feel free to nav to other racers and friend and see what they have to say.

I got a funny email about cross yesterday. A friend had said he isnt trying hard enough in cross because he never feels ill afterwards. I am sure many guys who win cross races dont feel I'll, but after a hard, hard, hard race on a tough course I do feel pretty rotten most of the day. Doesnt stop me from trying just as hard the next week though I wish I didnt feel so bad.

But he said now he knows just a bit what its like to be me after a race going as hard as he could and having a bad stomach for a few hours. Thats not really something to asppire to, but it is funny to me and I am proud of him for giving it so much effort as a cross newbie.

But havent you seen those guys who can smile and hold a conversation while riding past you as you cheer them on. They will tell you all kinds of stuff mid-race in a conversational tone. Me? I cant even find the energy or time to grab a water bottle. I'll occasionally try and acknowledge some cross hooligan cheering because its so awesome that people cheer us on. But that probably looks like a nervous head twitch and bad gas more than a smile and a nod.

But hey, its cross and all that that implies. Fall, mud, tasty beers, riding your ass into the ground and cheering your friends on are just a few. I do so love cross even if all I seem to do is complain about it. I will tell you I find complaining anymore as the release I need from stress, etc. SO sorry now if I sound like I belong in an old ladies sewing circle than a hardcore bike race.

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