Saturday, October 17, 2009

No racing today

Why would I miss my favorite cross race of the year? Call it a perfect storm. I broke my geared cross bike, I had a final exam last week, didnt rebuild my SS Dieringer and had a huge week of hard work.  This is not an excuse, but I rode once all week too. Thursday I ate a nasty am/pm burger (made with more chemicals than beef I swear)I was so hungry and by Friday I was eating candy bars to get through the day. My coworker had to eat my last Reeses Cup because he looked like he was going to fall sleep standing up.

But the real reason (or the biggest excuse) is that Thursday working outside (again) in the rain I was standing on the door sill of the Silverado to grab the circular saw when both of my wet boots slipped and I slammed my right shin (that right shin thats got a lump on it) into the door sill. This was the 5th time in two days and now when I hit my right shin it puts me on the ground laughing my ass off and in pain. I think I had tears in my eyes on that last one!!

It hurt so bad that I didnt even notice I had slammed my ribs into the plastic toolbox on the seat. That evening I started to feel it and Friday morning it hurt. Saturday morning I could really feel it so I got out of bed and tried running in place and I could tell I couldnt hold a bike and run up that sled hill. I sort of cramped up as I ran.

So why not race anyways and walk up the hill? I am willing to race hurt and give up some performance. Well its a case of getting the best bang for the buck. I simply cannot justify the entry fee, gas and wear and tear on the equipment to race hurt these days. And I am also worried about crashing and being in more pain. I had a few crashes there last year.

But I want to thank Robert Sroka for offering me his bike for the race. I am gonna really regret this decision, but I think its for the best. YOu must admit life at idle is pretty boring compared to while racing!! Not that it doesnt have advantages, but you racers know what I mean.

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