Monday, August 10, 2009

They raced, I did a Time Trial Merckx Style

2.5 miles into the Milk Race a big shard of glass went through my tire after the rise after the first turn. I apologize for the profanity. But I was pissed because I am in pretty good form and had planned a very aggressive race with Tris. And it was two flats in two races.

So I rode the flat back to the car (2.5 miles takes forever at 5mph) and changed tube and tire. I rode back out knowing I had to make the best of the day and decided I'd so some long intervals. How often do you get marshalled corners for a training ride? and of course the replacement tire doesnt flat....

I ended up doing a 40k TT Merckx style in all that wind. It was tough, but I was fueld by being pissed off. And I actually did more of a hard 40km interval than a TT. But the two funnest parts of it (fun..TT...same sentence??) was I went out in front of the Masters field and held them back and opened up the gap many times on the break for 20 miles. So I was feeling good and riding strong. And I was opening up the gaps solo on the descending portions, not the ups.

The other fun part was railing the corners. I didnt have to hold anything back because I didnt have the pressure of a field behind me should I go too hard and go off the exit, etc. It was Moto GP time baby and I was leaning my bike all the way over and accelerating out of all the corners really hard. Only thing I didnt do was make motorcycle sounds with my mouth.

The corner marshal's probably thought I was nuts because I kept telling them I had flatted. Meaning I didnt want them yelling to the Masters breakaway that I was 30 seconds, 1 minute up the road and affecting their race. Though since I didnt have a lead vehicle that should have been obvious. But you know how you can think all kinds of odd things when hammering your eyes out.

So another race and another flat. But the piece of glass left a 2mm long slice in my tire. Just bad luck as no tire casing could have stopped that piece of glass from coming through to pop the tube. I missed an aggressive race and that is also always a bummer. My team mate needed me and I love to race aggressive and I rode strong by myself so I know I could have been a factor in keeping a break away. I also raced by the grace of my team mate and its a bummer he paid all that money so I could train.

Thank you all for helping me to continue to race this summer. Shreve is the last one and I wonder if I shouldnt run my big winter commuter tires with the layers of Kevlar and armoured sidewalls?


Dr. S said...

I will make sure all the glass is swept off the course for you in Shreve-

Jim said...

No flats in Leroy this year. Roads are very clean.