Monday, August 24, 2009


A group went to Mohican on Saturday and we had a blast on what some describe as the best single track in Ohio. I really have little to compare to, but I'd back that up. It was awesome. Loads of climbing and safe, but thrilling long descents almost entirely deep in the woods.

I started out slow as I had no feel for the trail or bike. I was over braking for every little bend. But loving the long climbs and steep switchbacks. At one point I did get my bravado up and got some air over a sharp whoop de do that they build into the trails. Once airborne I had a "I'm gonna DIIIE" moment and almost shit my pants and that was about the last time I tried to go all Jeremy Mcgrath. Dave said it looked good at least.

Later in the ride I was getting annoyed with how my front shock felt like a jackhammer even though it was plenty plush on the big hits so I remembered, Hey these things are adjustable. So I took out some rebound and it was amazing the difference. Now I see why pros say dialing in the shocks is so important.

As we started the long climb at the covered bridge (500' vertical feet) I really started to get that zen like feel and by mile 16 or so I was leaving the brakes off and flying down dangerously fast descents and hitting the next roller coaster like uphills with so much momentum pedaling sometimes was optional.

I only had to step off the bike 2x I think the whole ride and walk it over one obstacle. OK, that makes 3x, but that was about it. I had a bit of a personal challenge and kept it in the middle ring after dumping to the granny once in the opening miles 350' climb. With more warm-up I probably could climb that in the middle ring as well. For me going to the granny gear always causes more problems than it helps (wheel spinning, popping wheelies in the switchbacks).

I would love to go again this year and of course the 2nd time I hope to be flying from the start, not just the last 6 or so miles.


SG said...

my favorite parts are the pine forest around mile 16 and the swooping technical downhill part at mile 22. nice riding the other day!

Ray Huang said...

SG, I knew we were in trouble when you popped a long wheelie and bunny hopped that large slab of concrete/rock thing in the parking lot!! Let me know through Gary B or whomever if you go again.