Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Did multiple 50 yard swims and then hit a 75m non stop finally! Working on breathing style helped a lot.

The last 50m swim I did by kicking from the hip and also trying to really pull with the arms. The arms get tired fast when you really try and pull hard with them!! Getting better, but after only 40 meters I am slapping the water with my hands and my hips drop in the water. I need lessons, but cant justify them. Hello Google and youtube!!

Might help if I got in the pool more than 2 or 3 times a year. Last summer I went to Cumberland on the 2nd to last day, got rained out and couldnt go the last day.

This winter being a college student again I hope to use the Notre Dame pool and weight room.

I am gonna have a huge celebration if I ever swim 100m non stop and do a flip turn without filling my nose with water.


Bill said...

Nice job Ray....You have to breathe out hard when doing a flip turn to not get water in your sinuses, that can cause major problems if you don't.
If you take lessons it will help so much, swimming is all technique and if not done right you get into bad habits and they are very hard to break out of. Keep on swimming though, when swimming well and the technique is good, it's like riding your bike with a nice tailwind.

Ray Huang said...

Bill-thanks for the advice. I checked out the pool at NDC and its small, but nice. I can swin for free so hope to make tht part of my winter routine. Ride there, swim, maybe study till my hair dries then commute home all winter.

Anonymous said...

uh oh. you're not going geek on us, are you?