Thursday, August 6, 2009

Giving up the Data

Yup, you heard it right here. I am going to let WKO+ and Training Peaks software fizzle away shortly. My priority going forward is work and school. And of course all of the other things like house, pets, family, family and family.

Its a lot of fun for me to pour through bits of data post ride and thats why I need to let it go for awhile. I will continue to train with power and hopefully train others with or without power and that's another reason I personally need to stop looking at the data for myself. I need the time for clients, school books and not me.

Gone will be searching for personal bests after hard races or club rides. For example I finally reset a power figure last night that hasnt changed since 2007. Did a long sprint off of a leadout last night and finally broke the Friel CP 0.2 (mile) power mark. Jeez I was starting to think that darn number would never change!! And I got it by 19 watts and 40 vs anything I had done in recent history. And you can see this can be rather obsessive.

Gone are the searches for a certain hill or sprint that I thought I really put out some power. None of it really matters, its more a game or a cheesy pat on ones own back. IN the end the only thing that matters is who crosses the finish line first or a race well done for team mates or personal satisfaction.

And in every big race I did this year (from Deer Creek to Tour of the valley to the State Road Race and all time trials) I didnt have power data to pour over and look, I am still standing. My head hasn't exploded or nothin.

I got to tell you, it will be weird to ride then just dump the data before the next ride. Really weird.

And on that note, does anyone want to buy a 15" dual core, 4gb ram, 180g HD Compaq CQ50 laptop? Its screaming fast and the only task it has had in weeks is to dump my power tap data into. Well you know where to find me. Holler if you want it cause I sure want your money!!

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Jim said...

It hurt when I hit my head from falling over!! I think you are responsible!