Friday, October 19, 2007

Some workouts make you smile

Funny how some days you just feel good with the world. Maybe its the sound of your daughter waking up (sounds like a herd of elephants upstairs, but only 40 some lbs of 5 year old), scratching your dogs neglected ears (since 11:30 the previous night) or maybe its the cool temps, the howling wind and flashes of sunshine through a partly cloudy and blue, blue sky?

I don't know but you just have to love riding your bike on a days like today. I hit the farm again to get in some big gear work on grass. I also took this opportunity to find as much single track as I could and I actually found quite a bit. Nothing too difficult and I had no problems riding over the ruts and loose rocks on my cross bike. I did have to dismount on a steep climb when I let my speed drop too much and started to spin my tire. Thats alright-I jogged up. Still happy.

I also rode down to the bottom of Fairmont and then rode back up to the entrance of the farm. Normally Fairmont is too hairy with traffic, but it would seem 10am is the perfect time to ride up it. Being that I love climbing Fairmont, but rarely do thats just another plus on this morning's ride.

The CSK bike continues to impress me with how well it sprints and corners. It really corners well so I keep upping my speed in grass because its giving me that confidence. I now have my DT wheelset on it with Ritchey Speedmax tires in 35c. They still don't seem that big given there 35c designation. The grass was fairly dry today so I couldnt tell if they felt superior to Mich Muds. I guess I wont know till I can ride them in the rain and mud. They felt faster at the same pressure, BUT the grass was mowed a bit shorter in some places too. So many variables to consider. I enjoy that though. Figuring out whats faster and why and when.

Now I am at work in my little office and I wish I was back on my bike. Oh how I like that cross bike. You know its still got that new car smell to it!! and who doesn't love that?

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SpeedyChix said...

Speedmax roll nice and fast. Not the volume of the Muds though. I have migrated to the Muds at lower pressure. Though the past two races I've been trying out tubulars. Sweet!

Sounds like a stellar ride. I like the gravel road rides mixed with some local trail. Fum.