Saturday, October 13, 2007

CSK Cyclocross Frame

Here is my first piece of hardware from one of my sponsors for 2008. I played around with the idea of custom as you may ahve read, but in the end went with off the rack. THis fits like a glove and so far it sprints fast and corners really balanced, but still aggressively. IT gives me the confidence to pick my line and it stays on it. Got to love that. AT least on grass. Havent experienced the mucky muck yet!!!
I think it goes without saying that fit is everything and although I thought it would be wisest to go with the Fuji till 2008, now that I (And Mark Lopresto) built this, I know it was the right decision in so many ways.
Just a few ways are that I can pick-it up and shoulder it in one move, it feels balanced and aggressive in corners and I feel like I am over the center of the bike if you can feel in your mind what I am typing. When I hit bumps I dont feel picthed over the nose is kind of what I mean and more.
The frame is imported by Seigler Imports Talk to Joe Holmes if your interested. Please take it for a test ride on any given Sunday. Maybe a local bike shop will pick-up the line.

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neocelt said...


I'm a relatively new roadie and I'm very interested in getting into CX. I've followed your blog with great interest. It's been lots of fun watching you go full circle--from returning 'newbie' to coach. You're an oak!

I, too, lost 30 lbs when I decided to get back into 'fighting trim' and I've also been experiencing some lower back discomfort this season (on one side only--hmmmm...). I've been experimenting with cleat and seat positioning, but to no avail. So I've followed your comments re: Specialized BG footbeds and shims with interest. Time to get more scientific, methinks...

I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask you offline and I'd appreciate it you'd email me directly.

Good luck with your new Carbon Racing venture and

Live Out Loud!