Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall is here

Ahhh...the leaves are a changin and the weathers getting cooler (YEAH RIGHT!!!). But its nice now that the road season is over that I can play a bit. Thom Domonic helped me build up a "hooptie" fixie out of old parts and a way too big frame. I finally took it for a long ride (1 hour, so not that long) and with the exception of a few "what do i do" little situations at stop signs, etc. it was as expected. A pure cycling experience. Its kind of annoying though not getting to coast on long downhills. Theres only so long my legs like to be spun at 140 or 150 rpm it seems.

I do like the near silent whir of the drive train and the sound of the tires on the road. The old frame is Tange 1 butted steel and I got to tell you, steel is real. I always get this buzz or connection with the road on steel frames. But I am such a weenie I cannot give up the weight that aluminum and carbon bikes offer. I will build back up my Waterford Paramount one day. It will be 10 speed with downtube shifters. A little of the old with a little of the new. Mate that with a nice set of handbuilt tubies and it will be one sweet ride for those long Sunday centuries.

I also recently sold my mountain bike (Thats was new). No one was more happy than my coach because every time I got on it I hurt myself. Two times I got hurt I was at Ray's Mountain Bike park though. Other times were pulled muscles from trying to bunny hop and do wheelies. Sometimes you just got to admit your not as young as you once were. Not that physical adaptations wouldnt occur if I rode them more. Thats code for just quit being a cry baby. I'd sure love to get another mtb though so Ive got the option to hit some easy singletrack when the boys decide to go to West branch.

For now the cross bike will have to do for the offroad thrills fulfillment job. Talking about Psycho cross, I should have a new frame soon to to replace my too small Fuji. I am going from a 48 to a 52 which sounds huge, but its actually only one jump for a lot of companies. The problem of being short of inseam!! I'll have pics as soon as I get it. I am excited and hope it builds up fairly light with all my not so light components. It will depend a lot on what the carbon fork weighs.

Well, enjoy the fall weather, pumpkin pie and apple cider.

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