Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me Pettachi?!?!?!

This morning (7am and already mid 70's and humid-uck) Brent Evans and I rode and he worked on my sprinting. I have never had anyone help me on sprinting and I can say it made a world of difference right away. Sure Ive done a 1000 sprints for training, but now I have some form to work on besides just the legs going up and down as fast as I can. Did he turn me into Pettachi (Salbutamol and all) in one session?? Of course...................................not! But I didn see some good wattage to back up the change in technique.

Wanna know what we changed? OK-hire a coach!! I am excited though, really excited to get out in some races or training rides and gun for the line or the city signs now. Practice, practice, practice!!

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