Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cross Mojination

My buddy Brian Rice said to me recently (he doesnt ride bikes btw) that when i decide to do something I dont do it half ass. I never really thought about it like that. I am sure that this seemingly obsessive behavior doesnt extend to everything in life (thank goodness), but I do hope its part of some other parts of my life like fatherhood. I know that Rice is very good at golf (at least it seems to me-he may disagree) and I can take it or leave it for long periods of time. In fact I bought golf shoes and didnt wear them for a year-so there!!

But the end of the road racing and time trial season is nearing and ALREADY I am looking at September 30th as my first ever Cross race. Man, oh man, is it here yet? How do i concentrate on what I have to do in the next few weeks (including tonights race) and plan for the entire winter? Focus-concentrate boy!! Still some goals to hit this summer!!

Whats funny is i dont like dirt much less mud, I slow down for small ruts and wet roots give me reason to pause and I bunny hopping? Well let say I could probably bunny hop a small bunny-but thats about it.

Well I plan on working on skills and just trying to feel comfortable slipping and sliding and trying to stay upright while turning on an off camber downhill turn (in the mud, while raining and 45 degrees). Come out and watch-it'll probably be quite a sight (and not a pretty one).

I have even practiced dismounts and running and jumping over imaginary boards, ummmmm in my backyard??? Its not a huge backyard either. Ive even bought my tubes and tires for cross already. Brett and John assure me I can ride a bit on asphalt on them and not wear them out before the first cross race. Thats good cause they aint cheap and i really dislike swapping tires any more than I have to (I dont own many wheels).

Does anyone wear elbow and knee pads and shin guards during cross? How about full face helmets, goggles? I already feel bad for the poor soul whos behind me entering a technical section of the course. But lets hope this perverse "no half-ass" attitude to cycling allows me to pick-up some CX MOJO!!


Gary said...

I have some shin guards you can borrow, and Adams says he has a cup you can wear.


Rick said...

uh, and some old hockey gear of mine....;-)
nah, Ray...'cross is all about mud, sweat, tears and blood. That and grab'n pain by the hand and goin'!
OK, so what is "Tomika, Tomika, Tomika!!!!" mean?