Wednesday, August 29, 2007

clearing the mud

The mind is a terrible ting. Or is it a minds a terrible thing to waste? Either way my mind was telling me to get on the bike and ride, but to not think. Is that strange? I find that after awhile my mind starts to rebel againts itself and it needs to be allowed to run free and have some fun.

I do this by having zero objectives on a ride. I chose to skip Westlake for two reasons. One was to not be tempted to go all out because I have a Time Trial on Thursday and two, I just didnt want to have to be decisive, at all!!

So I join up with the club ride and just open up the throttle here and there with some stomps on Old Mill, Sherman, etc. but mostly I whine and complain and joke around with all the boys. I find that this kind of riding though maybe not good at bringing about any sort of positive training adaptations sure is good for the soul.

And hey whats more fun then going 50mph down Old Mill and trying to get Rachfal to laugh..."hey whats your name, do you ride this way often..." I guess youd have to be there for that one. But now I am recharged mentally and ready. My legs feel great this morning, they have that buzz that says We felt like you did some hard riding last night, but didnt kill us.

But more importantly my mind is no longer arguing with itself about training vs rest vs intervals vs easy day vs commiting to objectives and on and on and on......

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