Thursday, May 31, 2007

UPgraded to Category 3

Today Kirk Albers approved my upgrade from Cat. 4 to Cat.3!! I didnt win any Cat.4 events and it would have been fun and good for the soul to walk away from Cat.4 with some wins (especially since Cat.3 wins will be very hard to do), but I raced hard and solo and with Snake Bite Racing's help I initiated breakaways and stayed at the front in all races. I felt like I was ready in that respect. Time will tell if I upgraded to soon, but what does that mean? If I am pack finishing in Cat.3 races and making splits, but not making the podium at first then I think it was a good decision. I did only start racing 9 weeks to the day so we shall see!!

Snake Bite's Cat.3 numbers are growing now too. I believe we have Tom Keller, Dave Steiner, John Ehrlinger and myself all Cat.3's.

Wish me luck!!

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