Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time Trial Preparation Begins

I have had my Cervelo P2SL for a week now and even commuted to work on it to get some miles in the "position". My commutes 16+ miles each way so its quality miles. Once again Mike at Bike Authority worked with me on the spec of the kit and I got a killer bike.

Riding it for the first time today "at speed" was a real treat. I am happy that I am acclimating to the position very quickly. Each ride I feel more comfortable, even form my commute to work to the ride home there was improvement. In fact the harder and faster I ride, the better it feels. As Mike said before I left the store I will love it when I am going fast and hate it when going slow. He was right!! One area I am having trouble with is keeping my head up and not looking down and sadly I dont think I will adapt that fully in time for the State TT on June 24th so I will just have to do my best. I am already expecting a whopper of a headache after the event, but some sacrifices cannot be avoided.

So continue with the stretching and core work and keep building up the motor!!

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