Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Audrey gets her wings!!

Not a whole lot of training went on this past Memorial day weekend, just a lot of lazying around, beer drinking and BBQ!! Stacie and I barely drove too so felt good about it being a green weekend. It was time for a short rest from the bike as I had hit it hard and really felt it the last week. TSB (Training Stress Balance Score) was at an alltime high for the week. But what did happen this weekend was my 5 year old daughter said she was ready to ride without traning wheels!! This is a joyous day for all children and parents alike and I had been looking forward to this day for years (maybe decades if you count all the years before Audrey was born). We headed over to the school parking lot and she nailed it pretty much straight away to the whoops and hollers of myself and neighbors across the street watching. The look of satisfaction on her face was worth more than you can know (unless you have a child of course).Now the gang of Jordan and Casey (her next door neighbors) who were previousely crazy nutballs on scooters are now a biking girl gang!! Of course shes already riding one handed, riding out of the saddle and riding with her feet in the air!! I had to stop her when she got the crazy idea to ride with her eyes closed!! I said she was a crazy nutball right?

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