Monday, May 21, 2007

Spring Road Racing Done

Well, my re-entry to racing is done with phase one. I competed in 6 road races and one time trial. I am still upset about Chippewa Creek today, but as I think about my first 11 months back riding my bike, I can hoist up my somewhat glum feelings today with some pretty bright spots. Call this my Spring in review. In my first race back at Mid-Ohio I signed up for the Cat.3/4 race instead of the cat.4/5. Maybe not a wise decision at first, but I settled right into the fast speeds and felt I was hanging right in there all the way. I even read a break with key teams and soloed to bridge it up. On the last lap I keyed off of John Lowery, kept position at the front the whole lap and came in 10th in what remained of the field in the bunch sprint (John won btw). The following week I was sick, but had good legs on a club ride, but come Saturday my legs were heavy, but again I rode tenaciousely and even when dropped I clawed back onto the main field, only to be dropped again. I kept pushing and won our 8 man groups uphill sprint for 14th overall and beating some good Cat.3's in the process. Next up was RATL and I went into that race looking for experience and attacked and went in break after break. Even after all that I lead out the sprint and came in 4th after fading up the hill. The next day I signed up for the faster, longer A race at Covered Bridge. It was a slow race by CB standards, but it felt fast to me and with top racers in the area competing, accelerations were strong and quite often. I stayed at the front and although I missed the break (and doubt I could have hung with those guys if I did) I again stationed myself at the front of the field for a big bunch sprint. The rest of the races have been documented. So in 6 road races I put myself in a position to win 4 of them. Wow, I am feeling better already.

Bring on phase 2 and maybe a Cat-up!!

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