Thursday, May 10, 2007

Inbetween Races

It was fun and a tiny bit stressful (in a good way) to start the season bang, bang, bang with Mid-Ohio, Malabar farms, RATL, Covered Bridge and then the Presque Isle Time Trial. After that was to be a big goal of the season, Wilkesville to Wilkesville, a 65 mile road race near Athens, Ohio. A hilly course with a steep 1-mile hill at the 60 mile mark that has historically decided the winner or at least the winning group. These type of races I personally love because they are thought of us attrition races. The longer and tougher the better for me. After a winter with some physical injuries I stayed suprisingly healthy even though my wife and daughter had the on and off again colds. But sure as can be the week before Malabar Farms and a few days before Wilkesville I got sick. I think last week was a combo of allergies and a good old fashioned cold. Out came the antihistemines and loads of tissues. sometimes i took cold medicine. My mind and body were confused!! I opted against the 4 hour (one-way) drive solo to Wilkesville on Saturday night and woke up early Sunday feeling better, but still decided not to go as I wasnt packed. I went back to bed for an hour!! I put my heavier training wheel back on my bike and headed out for yet another gorgeous day with the boys and the Emerald Necklace ride. 4.5 hours later I sprinted up Edgehill and would have easily blown away my previous best 1-minute power, but alas I wasnt trying to reset any power numbers and shut down the sprint at 40 seconds. But the general good feeling all day and sprint showed me that I probably could have gone to the race. But thats water under the bridge I think they say.

Now its onto another RATL race this Saturday and as you can imagine I am pumped up and again have that nervous excitement. Ive missed two great races due to other races conflicting, but I think i know the course well enough after one race. Of course I dont know it well enough and may never learn all of its intricacies, but enough!! My mind is as much as possible already thinking about scenarios and different ways to play the race. I'm feelig pretty good and well rested due to a light schedule of rides this week and I am ready to rock!! My friend John has been really strong netting a 2nd, 1st and 2nd and has almost accumulated all his points for an upgrade to cat.3. I applaud him for making it his goal to move up to Cat.3 as soon as he has the points. I am trying to make an announcement in regards to my racing thats quite fun, but alas, it must wait. I too want to make the jump back to Cat.3 as I think I may have reinstated myself in Cat.4 in error. I am not in any way shape or form saying that I am the the king of Cat4-dom mind you. Theres many reasons why I feel this way and easily worthy (at least in volume of words) of its own article. I just say that for the guy or guys who read this and say "didnt I kick that guys ass at...."

Next up is Chippewa Creek Road race. Yet another important race in my first year back season. I actually know this course because when i moved back from Columbus to Cleveland in 90 or 91 I attended the evening club races there. I've always gone well on it and hope for a solid top finish. When I raced on the course the finish was before the fast descent, but now its at the top of the climb (where a finish on a hilly race should be!!). I have never raced on any of the courses prior to this race so that will be nice to have that familiarity. Well, Ive raced at mid-ohio many times, but in a racing kart. It was almost as exciting on a bicycle, even if I was going 50 mph slower!!

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