Tuesday, May 5, 2009

VO2 Max??

On the Wattage Google group I subscribe to they found this nifty calculator to figure out your VO2 max from your 5 minute best power.

VO2 max= 1.8*((P5min*6.12/Kg)+3.5)+3.5

Have fun with it!! I wont divulge mine because honestly if its right...I might as well quit racing AND I am so glad I never had a lab done VO2max test done. I am NOT saying its inaccurate at all. My point is just racing is about more than just numbers....haha...did I just say that out loud? Whoo hooo.



Jim said...

If that IS the case, why do you analyze numbers so much??
I think we should take away ALL your measuring devices so you can just ride!

Jim said...

Okay, I did mine and if I understand the formula correctly, I am at 53.7. Now, tell us yours!!!

JC Sell said...

Funny you bring this up. I just had a chest x-ray done yesterday. (Yeah, no pneumonia!) The radiologist said I have some of the largest lungs she's ever seen. She said I should get the lab VO2 Max test.

This is nice to know, but does me no good when I'm getting dropped by the pack! :)

JC Sell said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be on this list...even at the bottom...VO2 Max Records:


Ray Huang said...

JC-great link. Thanks!! Understand that Andrew Coggan has proposed that the equation is wrong and it should read: VO2 max= 1.8*(P5min*6.12/Kg)+3.5 which Basicaly lowers everyones original numbers by 6.3. After a hard 5 min effort today using my current weight mine is (Jim??) 62.43 today.