Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catching up.

Man it seems like I have all these things I want to talk about. Products of training solo and having all that time to ponder things, but as i sit here waiting for Audrey to get in her bath and watch the last episode of Fringe on Hulu I find my brain going a million miles a second, but i have no idea what to write about. I know I missed a race report already.

I had my first Westlake last night after being down all weekend (causing me to miss RATL#4) with either a respiratory infection or what I think is an odd case of spring allergies. I recall this same thing last year.

I attacked, I chased, I bridged and basically went all out for 19 laps. In the end I rode the front, shut down attacks and tried ot lead Tom Frueh out and I got him not quite to 200m. But I had been on the front for 2 miles taking over at the start finish line on the bell lap. I had a lot to do and ride hard to keep Tom from falling back (not that he couldnt do it himself) We ended up taking 4th so we got something out of the deal.

It was also fun to crit race with all my friends and get in some breaks and have an occasional laugh or chit chat.

My speed has started to come back and although I started cramping on lap 2 (a sure sign something wasnt right). I stayed on the rivet as much as I could. FUn, fun race. I need to be a bit more selfish soon and get that top 5 at Westlake or I am gonna start getting a bad attitude. I am no sprinter, but I LOVE to sprint. Seems more exciting!

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