Sunday, May 3, 2009

Covered Bridge #3

I feel like bashing my head against a brick wall and screaming I SUCK!!!!!!!!! Arrrgghhhh...Not a smart race by me with good legs. And though I kept my myself positioned at times and aggressive I was not where I needed to be when it counted.

I will work on that. Its not something that needs to be practiced. Its just situational awareness and riding smart. I rode like someone strong and dumb today.

Oh also when I was solo bridging to the break late in the race (after we came back together then split again) going down the hill towards the blind left hander before the railroad tracks I almost got myself killed. Thats small news right?

Knowing full well the danger, but also realizing I was catching the break I got too left of center in the middle of the corner and a car came around. I had a premonition about it too. Weird. I swerved right, grabbed a load of brakes and lost my momentum. I am not saying i was going to make it across, but it was possible. Close for sure.

There's more "stuff" that went on, but that's all I can stomach to talk about right now. Besides its time to eat.

Man I feel like screaming, but I am home now and dont want to confirm to my neighbors that I actually am crazy.

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