Thursday, May 7, 2009

East Side Climbing Report

I decided while doing hill climbing intervals today to log some info. I wanted to know how long each climb was in time so I could know which are best for what kinds of efforts. Heres what I came up with today. These are not meant to be PB times because I dont have any previous data, but Id say Old Mill East was about 90% of what I can do and Fairmont about 99%. I went so hard up Fairmont I didnt have the legs for Cedar when I got there. I was a solid 40 watts lower average from a previous day and at the top where I usually stick it in the big ring I was 4mph slower. Felt hard though!! I'll look up that day and edit this post later. But I wanted to post these before I forget as I did them on my no memory recall stopwatch.

Old Mill East (from No Trucks sign at bottom to County Line corner) 3:45

Fairmont West (from bottom to the last roller (fire hydrant with red flag) 6:31

Cedar West (from bottom to the 2nd brick driveway on right near stop light at SOM) 6:59

Old Mill West (from telephone pol behind Guardrail on Rt. to Silver mailbox over the top) 4:04

On cedar I was heading North so be careful of the stop sign at the very bottom. I'll add Old Mill West some day. But was wondering where to start the watch? Maybe at the first guardrail or before the first bend to the right since its already starting to ever so slightly pitch up already? I'll find a landmark.

Enjoy climbing our quite steep, but very short hills.


JC Sell said...

I've always done Old Mill West from the last telephone pole before the guardrail up to the Silver Mailbox. Good Luck, I'll see you out there soon!

Ray Huang said...

JC - Old Mill west from the tele-pole behind the guardrail to the infamous silver mailbox was 4:04 at a leisurely pace. I just rode steady LT up it at about 9 to 10mph. man that is a short (but painful) climb.

Ray Huang said...

On Old Mill with a great big chain ring start by Dave I hit 3:11 the other week.

JC Sell said...

I doubt I'll ever hit 3:11 like Ray, but 4:30 on the new bike is a PR....