Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm and cozy at 5 degrees

Thom Domonic and I went to Chapin to ski last night at about 6:15. temps were below 10º F and dropping. I already dressed light knowing the lighted trail would be almost all climbing but even so Thom and I headed back to the Pine Lodge and stripped off even more layers!!

Isnt it awesome to think you can be outside in dangerously low temperatures for 1.5 hours and never feel cold? But that's the way cross country skiing is. Its a full body workout, aerobic and fun.

I am still suffering from my left ski sliding out doing skate technique (see video below) which kills all my momentum, especially climbing. I may hire a coach to help me figure it out. In the meantime Josh Dalley (one amazing skier) has given me some things to try. I'd go again tonight, but I am just too sore and muscles too tired from getting used to skiing again that I wouldnt be able to ski very smoothly.

I taught what I know to Thom and he is a natural. I have never seen anyone skate ski so well the first 10 minutes of being taught. I am jealous. He learned in one night what took me a year of Googling and asking questions and experimenting for a year and hes already faster than me. I had to go very hard (left ski slipping all the way) just to keep him form pulling away too quickly.

I talked to him about this and told him that I dont think anyone believes me when I say I need help. They all say "oh your fast" or "your fine, your fine". But the truth is I am very slow and this problem is really killing my ability to get better. Its not that people arent trying to help, I just dont think they think I need much help, but I do!!

In time I will get faster and smoother and better. I cannot wait! I am being very impatient about this process I admit it. When Brian Stern and another skier blew by me last night it was poetry in motion and they were a blur of arms and poles in rythmic beat and synchronized with the kick and glide of their skis as they blew past. To go that fast on the flats and even more so up hills. whoo hooo!!

Off to Chapin again Friday!! Hopefully I'll have fresh legs and can start working on what Josh has taught me.


Scott Thor said...

I don't miss Ohio weather:-) It's 71 out west today and should hit close to 80 tomorrow. You're welcome to visit any time you like:-)

JimmyNick said...

And yet you were amazed, or aghast, to come across me on my bike on Sunday? Hell, it's all relative. Keep the hands and feet warm and work hard enough to keep the body warm, and you can ride for 90 minutes or more without getting cold. Until you stop, all sweaty. Then you freeze.
That's my 9-degree morning ride to work, in a nutshell. I love it.

- JN