Monday, January 26, 2009

Wal Mart, Can you spare it?

I was looking for some fun stuff to use for a skiing game Sunday. I devised a fun game called Star Wars Challenge where my 4 to 6 year old skiers split into the Padawans and Siths to look for neon colored balls (called Power-Ups) and deposit them in a box after cleverly having them ski all around the base of Chapin looking for them. Before they know it they have skied much farther than they could have thought, but they have no idea they just did. I didnt think of this actually. But the details of the game are my own. Team with the most Power-ups wins!! Yahooo!!

SOOoooo...anyways I get to the checkout without any fun supplies, but a 20lb bag of dog food and the bill comes to $20.01 and I have a $20 bill. I look at the lady and she looks at me and I go to my van parked way deep in the lot for the penny they so desperately need. Sure if every customer shorted Wally World on the same day it would probably add up to a lot of money, but hey it was 15 degrees outside and it was only a penny. Do you think they could have spared it?

Youd think theh 2% I saved them on credit card fees by using cash would have covered it. But I am not bitter, naaahhh.


Cycling Phun said...

This sounds like something the Mentor WalMart would do... It wasn't Mentor, by chance, was it?

ds said...

The last time I (grudgingly) shopped at Wal-Mart was probably six years ago when I had to buy my nephew the censored version of some album he wanted as a gift.

As I left the store, the security guard was busy doing something else and did not notice me leave, nor did he ask to check my receipt. When he saw me, he then chased me into the parking lot and accused me of stealing the cd. I have been in one fight in my life, and that was when I was 11 years old. The altercation with the Wal-Mart rent a cop was almost number two.