Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Races Being Set

I saw a cool class for the Groveport Time Trial this summer on June 7th (not the Ohio State TT this summer). New Category - Standard This category will feature the truest form of a TT man versus the clock. No aero equipment will per permitted if you enter this category. No aerobars, No aero wheels, No aero helmets (tear drop style), Skinsuits will be permitted but go against the premise. Equipment use will be at the organizers discretion. hey Tom H.-did you see that?

Also check out the Schedule on the Ohio Cycling Association Website.

My main focus when not road racing with my guys on the Credit To Ride Masters Team will of course be time trials and there are plenty to choose this summer. Three 38 to 40km TT's in one month. Two leading up to Nationals in Louisville, KY.

And of course stay tuned to our favorite website for upcoming local races I somehow in my excitement over the Nordic Flurry race tomorrow forgot about the first Bike Authority TT!! I will have to make the next one!! And check on who did what last night.

Funny-I am talking about road racing and time trials, but I havent ridden my bike outside for weeks and then only once or twice in a month or more. Ho hum!!


Tony said...

Its pretty funny to already have the road and tt season in your mind. Thats the same with me. I haven't ridden my bike outside in weeks, but I just want to start racing already.

Tom said...

Sa-Weet! I'm in for the "Standard" class!