Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wind is my friend

I actually dont mind the wind. Training or racing I think it adds to the ride rather than ruins it. It was into the headwind and uphill grade I attacked (well, it wasnt really an attack, but this is not about Greenford)and won my last race of the season. Back in the 80's when I lived and raced in Columbus an old friend would always chant as we rode dead into that strong headwind out west of OSU "the wind is my friend, the wind is my friend, the wind is my friend."

Today had sustained winds in the high teens and high 20's further east. I first rode up the street to make sure it wasnt dangerous and headed as best as I could into the wind so I could make a mostly tailwind ride home. I just wanted to get off the trainer and not run for a change. And get some miles in. I have been riding only about 45 to 51 minutes on the trainer for weeks. And just a nice endurance pace too.

I am always amazed at how far you need to ride in miles to get a 3 hour ride in (which was my goal). I always seem to come home in 2:30 or 2:45 no matter how far I meander. Today was no different with me starting heading north east to climb Old Mill east and then head south into the wind to Chagrin Falls. I play games to make riding into the wind more tolerable. I say I am doing intervals and do a long set at tempo or threshold or pretend I am racing in a breakaway or use a bigger gear and lower cadence.

I'll sometimes mimic my time trial position as well and try and hold a high gear/cadence into the wind as well. It all works to make what I sense 99% of all cyclists hate, headwinds.

As usual I only ended up with 2:17 (including stop lights, etc.). After I was home for awhile I got sleepy and took a quick nap. I was woken up and heard the kids downstairs playing the Wii my brother, sister and sister in law bought us for Christmas and it felt like my thighs burst into flames or got acid poured in my muscles as I bounded down the steps to play with the kids.

Ohh baby that hurt a bit. So maybe there is a downside to all these head games riding in the wind. It tends to make you ride a lot harder than you think. Tomorrows wind will be higher, temperatures lower. For my legs sake I hope my mind shows some more restraint. This may be all moot as rain is forecast in the am. I got a little wet and filthy today and it was worth it to ride outdoors. But another day, well maybe the novelty of riding outside as already worn off. Or maybe its the lactic acid talking.

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